Happy New Year!

2018-01-01 General
We wish the entire Stellar Overload community a very happy new year 2018!
I hope that this new year will be full of twists and discoveries!

As you saw, there was no patch at the end of 2017, it is because we need to solve some issues on our side ...

Delay gate

2017-12-06 Development
My respects, humble buddies.

I'm here to introduce another block that many of you wanted us to add. This is a new logic gate which allows to apply a delay to the modification of the input value and the output.

The length of the delay is determined by the value set on the lateral input pin. And here, I let you calculate how many words is being worth a video:

Note that what I'm showing you here is under development. As a result, the final version may be slightly different.

Random number generator

2017-11-29 Development
Hello, charming companions.

You made your wish clear, and we heard you. Which is not surprising since we are very attentive to your feedbacks.

Here is a new logical block that allows generating random numbers. As with logical memory, it is activated on a rising edge. The value it outputs will range from zero to the input pin's value.

A video is well worth 1000 pictures, here is a short presentation:

Note that what I'm showing you here is under development. As a result, the final version may be slightly different.

Jetpack Items

2017-11-23 Development
Today I’ll address another capability that the character got “magically” until now: the jetpack.
From now on, instead of simply getting the jetpack capability, you will learn the jetpack recipe and you then will need to craft it and equip it to get this capability.
We now have four jetpacks:
  • The jetpack, which is less efficient than the jetpack you had until now
  • The powerful jetpack, which is close to the current jetpack
  • The explosive jetpack, which enables you to quickly dive, by holding the “Crouch” key pressed, and deal damage in an area around your landing point
  • The parachute jetpack which slows your fall. You can temporarily disable its effect to resume the normal fall speed by holding the “Crouch” key pressed

PS: names and visuals are not final

Connecteur logique

2017-11-08 Development
Greeting, happy fellows.

Today I will introduce a small and modest feature, but which will, I hope, helps a lot the users of electricity in Stellar Overload.

It's a brand new logic gate that allows to connect cables of different colors between them. A picture being worth 1000 words so, here is the new block:


Note that what I'm showing you here is under development. As a result, the final version may be slightly different.

Equipment Items

2017-10-18 Development
One of the feature that we want in the game since the beginning of the project, is the possibility for the player to equip items that have an impact on the gameplay. We already had an armor, but we wanted more.
That’s why, in the character sheet, you now have 4 equipment slots in which you can place items that change the character statistics and even give the character new capabilities.

The first items I’d like to introduce are the bags and the flashlight (yes, it is back!).
When starting the story mode, you now have a much smaller inventory (24 slots instead of 72), but you will now be able to craft 4 bags that increase the inventory size.

Also, if you miss the flashlight, you will now be able to get a flashlight item and equip it.

Also note that you can’t equip multiple items with damage resistance and inventory size stats on them. You won’t be able to equip two armors, or two bags.

More equipment items coming soon…

PS: This is still in development, no visual presented here are final

Agriculture's first proof of concept

2017-10-11 Development
Hello everyone!

The community has been asking for the agriculture feature for quite a while. We also wanted to add it for a long time.
So, here is a first version of it, with cotton:

Don’t forget this is a first proof of concept!
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