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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Share your videos on Stellar Overload's gallery

2016-06-22 General
For those who would like to share some videos in addition to their pictures on our gallery, you can now add YouTube videos.

When you submit a picture on the gallery, you will see a "Youtube Video" field in the form.


Just enter a link to your YouTube video into this field to let us display the video in the gallery.

Fix version of Alpha Blocky Blockade now available!

2016-06-16 General
Thanks for all your feedbacks and bug reports! Thanks to them, we made some bug corrections which are now available for download in the new version of the alpha Blocky Blockade.

We will now concentrate our efforts on the Steam version.

You may find the details of the corrections here, in the second post:

Experimental Linux version

2016-06-13 General
Lots of you have been asking for a Linux version of the dedicated server, and some of you would even like to be able to play Stellar Overload on Linux. The Unreal Engine allow us to please these two requests, so we decided to release an experimental Linux version containing both the dedicated server and the game client.

It is the same version as the version we released on Wednesday for Windows and Mac, which means that the bugs you reported since then haven’t been fixed in this version. Moreover some functionalities of the game client doesn’t work yet:
  • The ingame help page
  • The video played during loading when you go through a teleporter

On the dedicated server side, everything should work as well as on Windows.

For more information, and to share any bug specific to Linux you might encounter, see the dedicated thread “Blocky Blockade experimental Linux version” in the Alpha section of the forum.

Blocky Blockade: Stellar Overload's new alpha version is now live!

2016-06-08 General
I am proud to announce that you can now download the third alpha version of Stellar Overload (build number This is the last version before the Steam early access release.


In this new version you will be able, alone or with your friends, to:
  • discover the rebel camp beneath one of the clones' village, facing the Imperium Machina
  • run through a first procedural and designed dungeon: a fortress of the Imperium Machina and to encounter new enemies: legionaries and their imperator
  • build the first vehicle of the game: an hoverbike (please see the new in game help for more information on how to build it)
  • explore the first planet of Stellar Overload's adventure: Merx with its new generation features and its new animals
  • gather many resources to craft new weapons, armors, ammunitions, tools and other items useful for the adventure
  • equip an armor in the new character sheet (C key)
  • switch weapon's ammunitions using the X key to optimize damage dealt to enemies
  • change the grid alignment used for tools and object placement in story mode or blueprints placement in creative mode using the alignment functionalities (V / Shift-V keys)
  • find every recipe, open every chest in dungeons and villages or by suppressing members of the Imperium Machina
  • take control of the Imperium Fortress and/or activate the Stellar Gate needed for the adventure to continue (in the next intermediate version)
  • appreciate the new musical engine, using WWise, that allow a better musical environment in the game (with dynamic and adaptive music)
  • make use of the improved in game help (H / F1 keys)

This alpha's Original Soundtracks are also available for listening on our Soundcloud.

Other improvements have been implemented. You will find them in the release notes on the download page.

We also opened new forum posts, where you can share all your feedback and / or bugs you encounter.

Have a good game!

A new alpha before going on Steam

2016-06-03 General
After these last five month used to prepare the early access, we realized that a Steam release before summer was too optimistic.

Indeed, some features were much more complicated than anticipated, mostly the dungeons (and the dungeons' editor) and the vehicles.
These two features we started in January are gameplay challenges but also and above all technical challenges, because they are closely related to our blocks engine. We got tons of technical issues to overcome that eventually induced a mountain of work.

So, we will go on Steam after the summer, when we are ready. The goal being to bring the most polished product possible on Steam.

But, in a few days, we will be delivering another alpha version. This is not the Steam version yet, some content and improvements are still missing, but you will be able to test the new features.


In order to be able to give you the best possible gameplay, your feedback will be most welcome as always since the beginning of the project.

To infinity... and beyond !

2016-05-25 Development
While visiting the futuristic city that some of you created in the game, we felt something was missing... Maybe some movement?

That's why I took the liberty to do some minor modifications. ;)

You'll learn more about that really soon!

PS : No comment allowed about my bad driving!

The clones village

2016-05-19 Artistic
"Hey Buddies !

With Ross and Monica we decided to share some houses together.
You are invited to the housewarming of our village on Merx.


In here, days are fun, birds are singing, Monica is knitting, and my carrots are growing. A pulsing life that we'd like to share with you.
Come at 301 on X, 24 on Y, on the top face of Merx. "


PS: "Thanks a lot to the village builder, Mr Reymantha, this god, this genius!"
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