Planning Stellar Overload

Steam “Early Access Update 5”, next update planned major features:

  • Next chapter of the story: Istara (new dungeon, new boss, new characters)
  • Dedicated server
  • Optimizations

Steam “Early Access Update 4” ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • New electricity components: potentiometer, infrared detector, LEDs, transmitters-receivers, switch, push buttons, oscillator, colored lights, doors, arithmetic boxes (+, -, *, /), comparison boxes (<, =, min, max) and memory.
  • New playground: the Ævian System
  • New “mini planets” (217 random + 3 manually build)
  • New wooden door and other decorative elements
  • New dogs and cats
  • Lot of bug fixed
  • Some optimizations

Steam “Early Access Update 3” ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • New Feature: Electric systems
    • electric and logical cables
    • electric items such as switches, generators, NOT and AND gates, doors and electrified lasers
    • see the in-game codex for more information
  • New Feature: Rails and motorails which make it possible to do plenty of things such as elevators
  • Addition of the very first melee weapon: the hook blade; which also make it possible to swing everywhere
  • Planet Novo Ares has been completely redesigned:
    • New 3 biomes
    • New animals (Agavosaur, Lumiblob)
  • New Workshop Feature : possibility to publish saved universes
  • New Feature: Hunger management.
  • New Dungeon: the Syntonized Stellarium Lab. It replace the old Imperium Fortress on Merx.
  • Ennemies:
    • New robot, Hot Head, the most dangerous one.
    • New Arkuloïds : explosive one, flying one and another than can teleport itself
  • You can now tailor the difficulty based on presets, or do it from scratch, to suit your needs.
  • Addition of the block physics when they are totally isolated. For now, the feature is still experimental and you’ll have to activate it in the game options.
  • Construction:
    • Addition of two alternate modes on the glove, that you can select with X or Alt+Mouse Wheel Button by default:
      • The first mode is the same as before, which digs everything in the targeted volume.
      • The second mode gives the ability to dig all the connecting blocks of the same type. This is the equivalent of the no ammo Swapper in creative mode. You can also break meta-blocks with that feature.
      • The third mode allows you to break only blocks and foliage, only cables or only metablocks.
    • New elements: metallic plate (including railings), big depot doors, etc.
    • New construction materials used in all the constructions in the story mode.
    • You can now fill in containers in customized universes, they are now saved.
    • You can now put blocks directly under water.
    • You can define the start position in a customized universe typing the following command: “/SetSpawn”. This feature already existed in the EA2 but have been forgotten in the previous release note.

Steam “Early Access Update 2” ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • Istara has been completely redesigned:
    • New 3 biomes
    • New animals (bee, brakh, spider)
  • New Steam Workshop : blueprints sharing
  • New control blocks for spaceship creation
  • New quest log
  • New annex quests
  • New secret counter for dungeon’s secrets
  • New death mechanism :
    • a part of the inventory will stay where you died
    • A new item, the ESD allow you to respawn with all your inventory
  • New option for FOV, mouse sensibility and vertical synchronization
  • New Creative mode features:
    • Export to Custom mode
    • Possibility to disable inertia
    • Possibility to undo / redo blocks destruction with grenade and weapons
    • Possibility to put creatures in the world
  • New recorder right-click usage: automatic recording of all connected blocks
  • Swapper can now be used on moss or vegetal
  • Migration all game sound into WWise audio engine
  • New audio occlusion with blocks
  • Rebalance of all loots (creatures and chest)
  • Revamp of help window
  • New skin for legionnaires and centurions
  • Improved AI of existing legionnaires and centurions
  • Optimizations:
    • FPS when moving
    • Network bandwidth usage

Steam “Early Access Update 1” ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • Total revamp of UI (ergonomic, readability, look and feel)
  • New Quests system (with the beginning of the main quest)
  • New tracking quest UI
  • Steam Migration
  • New planets map and minimap (M)
  • New inventory management with sort buttons
  • New small dungeons: the observatory
  • Improved Blocks-thrower with new ammunition inventory
  • New tools: the Swapper (swaps blocks), the Recorder (makes blueprints)
  • New blocks: energy material, explosive material
  • New mechanism: laser blocks
  • New place: the verdant garden, rebel watchtower, Imperium watchtower, spaceship ruins, syntonised clone’s village
  • Improved enemies AI
  • Improved NPC behavior
  • Completely revamp fortress boss: bigger, harder, smarter, noisier, with adds, with phases, with new abilities
  • New intro cinematic
  • New possibility: customize your avatar (color, gender, name)
  • New pause system on solo (Escape)
  • New translations: German and Portuguese (Brasil)
  • Optimizations: network, rendering
  • New blocks, new recipes, new metablocks…

Alpha 3, Blocky Blockade ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • Story on Merx (the beginning of the game story)
  • First vehicle: the motojet
  • First semi-procedural dungeon: the Imperium Machina Fortress
  • New weapons: pistol, rifle and grenades
  • New multi ammo weapon (pressing x)
  • You can now craft an equip an armor
  • New mechanism: Nexus network teleporters (small inside dungeons, big between planets)
  • New mechanism: cloning tank to respawn at a specific place after death
  • Generation of other 8 planets (placeholder, work in progress)
  • Day/night cycle
  • Clusters to generate more diversity inside a biome (like wheat fields)
  • New enemies: Legionnaires, Centurions, Imperator, Turrets, Tesla Pylons
  • New places: clones’ village, rebel hidden outpost
  • New type of containers, doors, crafting stations, decorative metablocks …
  • New creatures (rabbit, mantis, flamingo, frog, snail …), plants and materials
  • Tools: snapping (V),
  • In game help (F1)
  • Lots of rendering improvements (color grading, voxel lighting, colored lights …)
  • 5.1 sound compatibility

Alpha 2, the Rokh Camp ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • Basics of crafting system, recipes and leveling
  • First multi biomes planet
  • Underground caves
  • New sound system, dynamic music
  • New enemy: the Arkuloïdes
  • Loot system
  • Jetpack
  • Flashlight
  • New animals (hedgehog, fox, glowworm)
  • New weapon: the sonic carbine for local zone damage
  • New tools in creative mode : blueprint management

Alpha 1, the Cognitron Mineshaft ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • First NPC dialogs (no quests system)
  • Firsts weapons : plasma gun, electric gun, laser gun, rocket launcher (no ammo management)
  • First enemies: the alien Cognitrons (simple AI)
  • First dungeon: a mineshaft
  • First decorative metablocks (pipes, screens, crates …)
  • New animals (caterpillar, butterfly, beetle, squirrel, fennec, peacock, tiger)
  • First tool: the gauntlet

Pre-alpha ( major features:

See complete patch notes.See Official announcement

  • Upgrade from the technical prototype to a more playable version
  • First planets generation
  • Blocks manipulation
  • Possibility to play in multi

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