First time actually playing!

Komposten Posts: 199 Registration: 2014-06-02
I've been around since the Kickstarter (as is evident by my backer status), but I haven't actually really played the game until now. I think the last time I tried to play it was in Steam EA 1 or 2, but my computer could simply not handle the game (even at lowest graphics settings and view distance I barely got 30 fps, IIRC).

While looking through the patch notes for Steam EA 5 today I noticed that it included some optimisations, so I decided to give the game a try again. And... I'm currently running it at roughly 60 fps on medium graphics settings and medium view distance!

My experience so far has been pretty amazing. The game looks gorgeous (as it always has!), it feels really great to play and even though I've only played up until I got my first gun I can definitely feel the true potential this game has. (Can't wait until I get to explore other planets!)

The sheer amount of content already in the game, as well as the whole experience, far exceeds my expectations from the Kickstarter. Even though it is still in early access and there are bugs here and there, the game still feels solid and very playable at this point.

I'm impressed by what the development team has managed to achieve so far (especially when it comes to optimisations), and can't wait to see what the future holds! Keep up the good work!

Also, this has to be the single toughest enemy in the game:

Spoiler (Click to show/hide)
(Yes, I'm talking about the elevator...)
#1 2017-11-11
Modified by Komposten on 2017-11-11.
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
What happened to it ?
#2 2017-11-13
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
Hello Komposten,
long time no see !

I am really please to read your feedback, really.

And yes, elevators ... too wild animals :)
#3 2017-11-13
Komposten Posts: 199 Registration: 2014-06-02
Published By cyberjasse2017-11-13 16:28:23What happened to it ?The elevator?
Uh... Several times when I tried to ride it it would just jump around a bit (physics lag) because I was standing in the wrong way.

At some point I stood on it, pressed "up", and paused the game. When I unpaused the elevator just gave up, jumped off its track, and crashed sideways down on the ground. ^^
#4 2017-11-13
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