[Bug][Feature] Linux AMD Open Source Driver

ShadowCraft Posts: 3 Registration: 2016-02-04

First off, I wanted to thank the Cubical Drift Team for their work on Stellar Overload. The game has been a fun mix for friendly-beautiful graphics and a story driven voxel sandbox.

The actual bug I wanted to report happens on Linux when using the open-source AMD Gpu Mesa driver (old and the current version 17.2.X). Over 90% of Linux users with AMD graphics cards use the open-source driver because it is being developed by AMD, Valve, and the Mesa Community and offers modern support for our cards (ref: gamingonlinux.com, October 2017).

Stellar Overload worked fine with my nvidia GTX960 on Linux with nvidia's proprietary driver, but after the switch to the AMD RX580 and Mesa, Stellar Overload crashes and hard locks my PC. As soon as I find a way to get the crash logs posted, I will reply to my own comment in this thread.

I don't expect this to get addressed overnight, but if you could take a look at it sometime during Steam EA, that would be great. Despite Epic's early claims, the Unreal engine support for Linux is a bit underwhelming. :(

Thanks for the making Stellar Overload,

Here a bit on my testing environment (logs forthcoming):
--Processor: Intel Haswell i5 (Quad-Core, no hyper-threading)
--RAM: 16 GB DDR3
--Graphics Card: MSI AMD RX580 8GB
--Storage: 256 SSD, 3TB HDD
--Operating System #1: Ubuntu 17.10 Beta
--Graphics Driver #1: Mesa 17.2 (AMD open-source driver)
--Operating System #2: Arch Linux
--Graphics Driver #2: Mesa 17.2 (AMD open-source driver)
#1 2017-10-10
Modified by ShadowCraft on 2017-10-10.
Guyk Posts: 169 Registration: 2014-04-15
Hi ShadowCraft,

Thanks for your feedback.
We are aware of the issue on Linux when using open source AMD graphics drivers. We are looking into this, but for the time being, the only solution I have to propose is to install AMD’s GPU Pro drivers which seem to work with Stellar Overload.

We will try to upgrade the version of the Unreal Engine that we are using, maybe it will help solve the issue. We’ll keep you updated.
#2 2017-10-11
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