[Post It] User CV

1r0n Posts: 40 Registration: 2014-06-02 Popularity: 5
Real Name: Guillermo Alejandro Barrera
KS name: 1r0n
Country: México

Job: Multiplatform Developer
Hobbies:Development, Movies, Anime, Music, Technology
Special abilities:Systems Design and Development

Gamer since:1992
First game:Sonic The Headhog
First console:SEGA Genesis
Favorite game: GTA Series
Favorite movie: Bicentennial Man
Favorite dish:Philly Sandwich
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
#21 2014-07-01
XthemeCore Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-06-02
KS name: XthemeCore

Hobbies:Game Developing,Video Games,Programming
Special abilities:Game Design, Pixel & Vector Art

Gamer since: 2000
First game: Super Mario Bros (Famicom)
First console: Famicom
Favorite game:
    1).The Sims series,Simcity(New) & Simcity 4
    2).Square's games series (Final Fantasy ,Kingdom Heart , etc.)
    3).Nintendo and partner franchise games
    (Mario,Zelda,Scribblenaut,Layton,Pokemon etc.)
    4).Mcgee Alice & Alice Madness Return
    5).Sandbox games (Minecraft,Terraria, Starbound)
    6).Insane indie games (Yumi Nikki,.Flow, Ao Oni, etc.)

Favorite movie:
Favorite dish: Tomyumkung
Favorite drink:Coca-Cola
#22 2014-07-01
Modified by XthemeCore on 2014-07-01.
pinkie Posts: 6 Registration: 2014-04-23
Real name: Dina
KS name: pinkie
Country: norway
City: trondheim
Age 21
Job: cnc operator
Hobbies: fishing, running, games

Gamer since 1996
First game: zelda
First console gameboy color
Favorite game: blade kitten
Favorite movie: princess of the valley of the wind
Favorite dish: spareribs
Favorite drink: vodka
#23 2014-07-01
SkateurZeD Posts: 59 Registration: 2014-06-15 Popularity: 14
City: trondheimLike in the book Eragon ? xD
#24 2014-07-01
Modified by SkateurZeD on 2014-07-01.
pinkie Posts: 6 Registration: 2014-04-23
Published By SkateurZeD2014-07-01 11:11:11City: trondheimLike in the book Eragon ? xDOh im not sure if its the oldest city but probbably is since this id where the king lived at first I believe after we was part of sweden.

But yes we have trolls and dragons etc.
#25 2014-07-02
Modified by pinkie on 2014-07-02.
Petski Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-02
What a great idea! :)

Real Name: Peter
KS name: Petski
Country: Denmark
Town: Toreby Lolland

Job: Student
Hobbies: Nintendo - and gaming in general. Computer hardware. Movies. Metal detecting.

Gamer since: 1989
First game: (Probably) Rick Dangerous (Amiga 500)
First console: Amiga 500 / Nintendo Game Boy
Favorite game: "Everything" Nintendo (Mario, Zelda, etc.) and Skyrim.
Favorite movie: The Matrix, The Big Lebowsky, and 50+ other movies!
Favorite dish: Carl's Jr. burgers
Favorite drink: Coca-Cola
#26 2014-07-04
Queefan Posts: 7 Registration: 2014-06-18
Hey Guys, I'm Really looking forward to being a part of a thriving community from kick off, it's something I really love doing. I am genuinely so excited to be here so early and the community is often one of my favorite parts of gaming :)

Real name: Ethan
KS name : Ethan Thomas
Country: England
Town: Manchester
Age: 19

Job: Game-Development Student
Hobbies: Games, Football
Special abilities: Common Sense, Good Gaming Senses

Gamer since: 1998
First console: Gameboy Light
First game: Pokemon Red
Favorite games: The Whole Halo Franchise, All Pokemon, All Elder Scrolls
Favorite movie: The Other Guys, Anchorman, Anchorman 2, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Favorite dish: Paella
Favorite drink: Budweiser
#27 2014-07-04
Drimes Posts: 92 Registration: 2014-04-21
Hello! Here is my CV:

Real name: Dân
KS name : Drimes
Country: France
Town: Perpignan
Age: 17

Job: School
Hobbies: Games, music, guitare, movies.
Special abilities: Starting in Web creation html5/css3/php

Gamer since: 1998
First console: Nintendo 64
First game: Super Mario World
Favorite games: Minecraft
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Favorite dish: Steak and chips
Favorite drink: IceTea
#28 2014-07-05
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
post-it !
#29 2014-09-09
Lithaq Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-06-07
Hello ! Nice to meet you :)

Real Name: Marc
KS name: Lithaq
Country: France
Town: Nancy

Job: Medicine Student
Hobbies: Music, reading, seeing my friends

Gamer since: 1996
First game: Mario Land
First console: Game boy color
Favorite game: Zelda
Favorite series: Dr Who
Favorite dish: Pizza !
Favorite drink: Lemonade and Mint
#30 2014-10-12
dradardev Posts: 75 Registration: 2014-09-01 Popularity: 80
Real Name: Devin
KS name: (kickstarter? none) default username: dradardev (Drad)
Country: USA
Town: Los Angeles

Job: Cook / Server / Graphic Design
Hobbies: Graphic Design, Video Games, Youtube, Magic, Music, Guitar
Special abilities: IDK

Gamer since: 1997
First game: Lol funny but Playstation Jampack (demo disk)
First console: NES and Playstation
Favorite game: Twisted Metal, Little Big Planet
Favorite movie: 28 Days Later / Weeks
Favorite Bands: AMINALS, Deaf Havana, Yashin, Many others
Favorite drink: Coffee
#31 2014-10-17
NSKShadow Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 3
Perfect, I was hoping for an introductions post! Hello everyone, I hope to get along with you all in what I hope will be an amazing game!

Real Name: Liam Thomas (Though I use Liam Gallent, Thomas is my legal name!)
KS name: NSKShadow
Country: Wales, which is a part of the UK
Town: Blackwood, South Wales

Job: Currently studying at college, and applying for university at the moment
Hobbies: But of course, video games! I don't get out much. ;~;
Special abilities: Maths. Not really, but it's the thing I'm best at I guess!

Gamer since: I was 7, so about 11 years? About 2003 or so
First game: Spyro the Dragon, my God was that a good game
First console: PS2, before BACKDATING to PS1. I'm weird like that
Favorite game: Currently don't have one, but I play a LOT of LoL (League of Legends). Could also be Crusader Kings 2, actually
Favorite movie: Don't watch a lot of movies, so I don't really know. I definitely loved the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy though
Favorite drink: Pepsi

Steam: steamcommunity.com/id/NSKShadow
Origin: NSKShadow
LoL: NSKShadow (EUW)

And that's about it! Again, I hope we can get along well and I hope to see you in the game sometime. I'm also available on the profiles mentioned above, so hit me up if you wish to play some games! Have fun guys.
#32 2014-10-30
Templar Posts: 100 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 39
Hello! I've been on here some time, but didn't really bother to make a post myself, so here it is!

Real Name: Charlie
Country: England
Town: Brockenhurst

Job: Still in College, but I'm doing an extended diploma in video game development!
Hobbies: 3D modelling, programming, and gaming. Reading is good too.
Special abilities: I can 3D model pretty well, but am still learning a lot of my programming. I can use Unity too.

Gamer since: I forgot, years ago. Probably since 2004ish.
First game: First proper game, maybe pokemon Yellow. PC game probably Runescape.
First console: PC, don't have any others. :P
Favorite game: Minecraft, TF2 or Spiral Knights are good contenders currently.
Favorite movie: Very hard decision there, and not one I'm going to make now.

I look forward to playing with you all, I may even set up my own server when it's possible!

Side note:
Published By SkateurZeD2014-07-01 11:11:11City: trondheimLike in the book Eragon ? xD
That's Tronjheim. ^.^
#33 2014-10-30
Modified by Templar on 2014-10-30.
piepei Posts: 31 Registration: 2014-04-26 Popularity: 26
Real Name: Lando
KS name: Piepei
Country: USA
State, Town: FL, Gainesville

Job: uhhh college
Hobbies: drawing
Special abilities: I can convert oxygen into carbon dioxide

Gamer since: ~1998
First game: Pokemon Snap for N64 (<3)
First console:N64
Favorite game: whoa...uhhh probably smash bros for 3ds (until the wiiu version comes :D). Im also gay for open world games so Shadow of Morrodor has been keeping me company. Hammerfight is my favorite for the Should-be-more-popular-than-it-is genre, its so original ive never seen anything like it.
Favorite movie (Im a bit of a movie buff so here goes): American Beauty (every character goes through a coming of age and changes dramatically and the end ugh I love it I love all of it. Similar to this would be Almost Famous) or maybe The Usual Suspects but that one is a bit easier to comprehend but it can be enjoyed by all. I also have a secret admiration for how Black Swan was done. I feel like if I was to make a movie, that would be how I do it.
Favorite dish: Pavlova, a relatively unknown dessert. google it right now if u dont know. they're amazing.
Favorite drink: err uhh idk cherry coke
#34 2014-10-31
Modified by piepei on 2014-10-31.
Wizaerd Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-12-11
Real Name: Joe
KS name: Wizaerd
Country: USA
Town: Apache Junction, AZ
Age: 50

Job: Software Developer (C#)
Hobbies: Games, Computer Graphics, Video Special Effects, ANimation (2D & 3D), motorcycles, reading
Special abilities: Same as hobbies really... I can also roll my tongue :)

Gamer since: Too far back to recall.
First game: Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
First console: PS1
Favorite game: Right now, Minecraft (PS4 & PC)
Favorite movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Favorite dish: Steak. Hmmmmm, ribeyes...
Favorite drink: Guinness Beer and Fireball Whiskey shots
#35 2014-12-11
Modified by Wizaerd on 2014-12-11.
Freezee Posts: 1782
I'm a bit (in fact... a lot) late, i've been posting on the french forum for months, I read everything... Now it's time for me to introduce myself in your forum :)

(I just took my "CV" on the french forum and translated it)

Real name: Lucas
KS Name: Freezee
Country: France
Town: (near of Rouen)
Age: 15
Job: Student (<interlude français>Je n'ai aucune idée de comment dire lycéen, je suis en seconde</interlude français)
Hobbies: Video games, programming, listening and making music, Youtuber, VFX (I think this is the same word in english), I learn DJ stuff (but I'm a beginner)
Special abilities: Super Meat Boy speedrunner, I can sleep less than 4 hours per night, I can "pull" my fingers 90° in the opposite direction of the joints, and I already knew how to stick my thumb to my wrist (I don't really know if I translated it well...)
(but my life is reaaaally annoying...)

Gamer since: 2002
First game: Need For Speed : Underground (Adibou is in the second position, don't know if it's popular in english countries, but it's a great "childhood" game :p)
First console: PC, later I tried my sister's DS Tank, and I got the Nintendo Wii
Favorites games: Portal 2, Super Meat Boy, Garry's Mod, Stellar Overload, GTA V
Favorite movie: I don't really watch movies, so I will leave it blank
Favorite dish: Pasta with tuna (yes it's weird but it's better than any kind of dish :p)
Favorite drink: Coca-Cola, or Oasis, or... water ?

Additional informations (wasn't asked, but was on the french forum, so I translated it too): PC Gamer (and proud :D), member of the french team "Alphas Cubiens"
Hearthstone ID : Freezee#2450 (I don't really play it anymore but... why not ?)
Skype ID : blacking0123
Steam ID : (if you want it, just ask me on Skype, because I don't know how to search it, so it's difficult :/)
#36 2016-01-18
Indomidable Posts: 46 Registration: 2014-06-02
Real Name: John
KS name:Indomidable
Town:Houston, TX

Job: IT Tech
Hobbies: Custom Gaming PC's, Modding, Gaming, Reading.
Special abilities: Sharp Mind

Gamer since: 1984
First game: Pong, Breakout, Pitfall can't recall which.
First console: Atari 2600
Favorite game:
RPG: Skyrim/Knights of the Old Republic
RTS: Supreme Commander:FA
Adventure: Quest for Glory Series
Racing: Test Drive 5/6
Space Simulation: Tie Fighter, Wing Commanders (Pretty sure Star Citizen will win this).
4x: Galactic Civ 2/Masters of Orion 2/Master of Magic
Builder: Minecraft (Stellar Overload should win this)
FPS: Counter Strike. Battlefield series/Battlefront.
MOBA: League of Legends, MMO: Everquest (Currently enjoying Black Desert).
JRPG-Final Fantasy VIII
Fighter: Street Fighter 2 Turbo (PC)
Favorite movie:
Action/Adventure: Indiana Jones (first 3)
Anime - Apple Seed/Vampire Hunter D.
Holiday - A Christmas Carol/Miracle on 34th Street.
Comedy - Space Balls/Men in Tights
Drama - Only the Strong/The Count of Monte Cristo
Family - Sergent Bilko
Horror/Triller - 28 Days/Weeks Later
Romance - Emma
Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Star Wars (IV-VI)
(Covers the Basics)
Favorite dish: Pizza, Pasta, Steak.
Favorite drink: Mt Dew, Hot Coca, Water.
#37 2016-11-17
Modified by Indomidable on 2016-11-17.
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