Increaseing the building limited

whitenoise Posts: 16 Registration: 2017-07-14
I was woundering if there was a way to increase the building limit. I am trying to make a space elevator so I can make a space doc but the game stoped after I got so high. I do not know if this has been cover but I looked and did not find anything.
#1 2017-07-14
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Yes there is a limit. It depends on the size of the planet. We can't build in space.
I don't know if we can increase it. But I play a long time ago and never encounter a way to do it ourselves.

The game crashed when you attempt to build in space ? Did you placed a special bloc in space ? Like a rail bloc ?
#2 2017-07-15
whitenoise Posts: 16 Registration: 2017-07-14
@cyberjasse no, it did not crash it just stops me from building any further i got right to the point you are weight less. What I want to do is build a space station on to it. Also I used rails to make elevators but as soon as they reach the top it won't let me press f any for so I can go back down.
you can see what I have so far here
#3 2017-07-15
Modified by whitenoise on 2017-07-15.
whitenoise Posts: 16 Registration: 2017-07-14
@cyberjasse I guess I am in space but just at the boarder still won't let me build in space though so I can make a space station. but any ways here is a update on my space elevator/space port

#4 2017-07-15
Modified by whitenoise on 2017-07-15.
whitenoise Posts: 16 Registration: 2017-07-14
@cyberjasse I figured out a work around to build a space station you have a limited range you can build but still pretty big like the max space size space ship.
Heres what you do you build a small ship down on the ground take it up in orbit after you build it. now of course this is in creative mode. but when you leave the ship it will allow you to build in space.
any how thats what I figured out
#5 2017-07-16
whitenoise Posts: 16 Registration: 2017-07-14
Strike that! it does allow you to build it in orbit but when you load the game again its gone. I really hope they fix that
#6 2017-07-16
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