Harsh but in kindness.

Tracy1285 Posts: 1 Registration: 2017-06-12
(sigh) OK usually I do not give a negative review but I have to. I am not putting this in the steam reviews as to not damage the standing. The more negative the more the game gets buried and it will be lost to time. What I am going to tell you is practical and logical. It may seem harsh and cruel but it is stated with the future of the game in mind. I want to see it succeed not fail. It is a great game I love it's idea I love what I do see so far however there is a glaring massive white elephant in the room that everyone seems to have their backs to and I through this post am going to turn everyone towards it. The problem is you are competing with other sandbox games I have done extensive research and what I find is dismal for the future of this game. The number one thing I state is optimize in a huge way it has to be done. Here are some figures for you that you have to see. First your system requirements are next to alien ware standards this automatically excludes about 75% of gamers out there. At a game priced at 20 dollars if you have a crowd target of only 25% then that is low funding in the first place. Second most people with these types of computers they look at other games such as subnautica, empyrion, 7 days to die and many more with plenty to do and high graphics which brings a hammer to your game. Your game is a blocky game that demands alienware style specs this is harsh. Also in lets take my case I can run all of the aforementioned games and others such as outlast and a ton more. I am pretty on par with modern computers and this PC is about 2 year old. However I am unable to run your game at even the lowest of standards. No I am not listing my PC hardware because bluntly if I am capable of running most modern games there is an issue with optimization not my hardware. You cannot expect 75% of the community to not play your game because you are focused on elitest optimization this will cut funding like a rock and it already shows. Below are harsh statistics of the game and proof that you need to expand your options to mid and low and even various high end PCs. First off the number of reviews Steam lists 183 validated reviews over the games lifetime yes most of them are positive but still that is a very low figure to what it can be if opened up to more players. Second the player base is floundering below are links to data that proves the issue I am taking empyrion and setting it aside your game for this example. Why you may ask? because Empyrion has better graphics however runs smoothly and more available to a much larger audience. Your game is blocky and focused on the elite of gamers so it is only fair to show the difference that optimization can do to your game. I am not saying change the look of the game however I can see where some issues can come through such as planets and the gravity needs to be reworked. Another game that uses your planets system and it fails is StarMade you try to land on a planet and the lag is massive. Gravity collision affects of plates causes issues throughout making it fail to load. I would recommend focusing on some memory leaks which there are a ton of I am not saying full optimization but I am saying try to let some more of the community on board. Below are those statistics I mentioned. First your game http://steamcharts.com/app/397150 next Empyrion http://steamcharts.com/app/383120 I could post a ton more references to other games which are even more severe than this however this should let you clearly see what optimization and inclusion does even in an alpha state. More inclusion means more feedback, more money, more community, more advertising. Right now you are at only 3% potential and that is abysmal. Stop focusing on elites you are never going to get the profits from them.
#1 2017-06-12
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
I have not a very powerful computer and the game runs very fine with epic. i5, gtx 760, 8Gb and no SSD disk. But someone encounter a lot of lags even with its very powerful machine:
Perhaps you have the same problem ?
Can you give us your config ?

Stellar Overload cannot be as optimized as games with static worlds because a static world allow precomputation to speed up the rendering. (We can find this argument somewhere in the french forum). Then, a Minecraft bloc = 64 Stellar overload blocks. Thus its normal that it requires more computation for the world generation. But don't worry: they have several plans to optimize the game. They prefer to do it at the end just before the end of the beta development to spend less time for the development.

The only similitude with Starmade is the multiple gravitation vector for each planet but the rest is not comparable. I stopped playing Starmade because of its cruel lack of life.
To avoid the concurrence with other sandbox game, Stellar Overload will be a RPG.
I think the weakness is that the activity on this game is mainly french. Videos on Stellar Overload from known youtubers are mainly french too. So there are too few repercussions on the english community. And another opinion is, because all optimisations will be done just before the main release, budget for ads must not be spend before to avoid bad notes about the optimisation.

If you love Empyrion, you will surely love Space Engineers. Its similar.

Have you some suggestions in addition to reduce the required specs to attract more players ?
#2 2017-06-12
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
Hello Tracy1285, thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

The performance issue you mention is completely right and we are aware of it. It's planned to put more time on the optimizations to make our game run on a lot more machines.
#3 2017-06-14
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