[Post It] Electric circuits: feedback and proposals

r0d Posts: 94 Registration: 2016-03-10

I create this topic here to centralise your feedback (bugs, questions and other problems), and your proposals, about the electric systems in Stellar Overload.

Fell free to discuss. :)
#1 2017-04-05
terner Posts: 2 Registration: 2017-06-24

I'm currently working on some compact circuits but I have a lot of unorganized in- and outputs. I would like some kind of sign or label I can put on or next to them to give my brain some breathing room. :p

Also, I would like to have some more colors, like maybe brown and black and dark green. This would also make it a little easier to organize everything
#2 19h, 23m
Modified by terner on 2017-06-24.
CodingMarmot Posts: 978 Registration: 2014-04-15
You can put metal plates or white/black letters above your pins to identify them.
#3 6h, 45m
terner Posts: 2 Registration: 2017-06-24
Oh right thank you, however I have got about 30 pins on there so its kind of hard to name everything with just a couple of letters, so I still thinks that labels or signs that display (multiple) words in one or a few blocks would be helpful. That way I could write a short explanation of what they do as well.

By the way, with those colors I meant logic cable colors.
#4 4h, 9m
Modified by terner on 2017-06-24.
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