[Post It] A new building contest: a French garden!

Domino Posts: 186 Registration: 2017-01-02
A new building contest starts today! The theme is: french garden.

You’ll have to build a French garden: regularity, garnitures, sculptures. And you can also build a little cabin if you want to.

Your creations must fit in the blue print you'll share on the Steam Workshop.

The contest’s rules and some building advices can be found here.

For this challenge, you can team up to 3 players to submit.

Note that:

- This contest is directly linked with the Steam Workshop (it is not anonymous anymore)!
- You can only be on the podium once (you cannot be on the first three places with three different constructions)

Take a lot of screenshots and choose the best pictures, you can submit up to 5 pictures!

Note that you will only have 3 votes, beware where you put them ;)

The winning team elected by the community will be rewarded as well as the winning team elected with the developers’ prize. Both constructions will be integrated in the game!
#1 2017-03-08
Modified by Domino on 2017-03-09.
Domino Posts: 186 Registration: 2017-01-02
Is anyone enterring the contest? :)
#2 2017-03-16
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Cubical Drift want to see international teams so if one of you want to find a teammate , I could find a french that can speak english. As there are more activities in the french forum. And so you could be a part of the first international participation !
#3 2017-03-16
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