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larnin Posts: 37 Registration: 2017-02-13

I have buy Stellar a couple of days ago. I want to do a feedback about the observatories.

It look to have only 2 différent dungeon, the one you need to go for the story, and others.

Without knowing about the mechanics of the game, the first dungeon looked extremly hard : i had only 50 bullets, no blocks ...
After some farming and understanding that we can do everything we want to progress, it was a lot easier.
I think you must make it more explicit that we can use blocks the way we wants on dungeon.

On the second observatory there are 2 things you can completly jump.
You can just use the lever from the platform, you don't need to go between the lasers.
Here you can make a platform to go up of the lasers.
#1 2017-02-13
Angetsu Posts: 20 Registration: 2016-09-15
Hi Larnin, and welcome on the forum, it's always nice to see a new face!

Thanks for the feedback :)

There are actually more than 2 observatories. The ones not in the story are actually randomly generated from a pool of rooms (any one room has multiple versions that you can randomly find). Indeed, that's a feature of the game, almost anything you can find is randomly generated, down to the world itself (some story specific places are fixed though, like the village).

You can start forging ahead in the observatory without getting prepped, but it is indeed very helpful to stock up on ammo and stuff beforehand. ;)
We didn't explicitly mention the fact that you can build in a dungeon to let the players discover that for themselves, and give a feeling of "hacking the game" that I personally like, the moment you realize that "Hey, I can just build around your laser maze. Take that game!" Although your first example is more of an oversight on our part. ^^

Also, I've noticed on your profile that you're French. You might be interested in visiting the French part of our forums http://www.stellar-overload.com/fr/forum.html
#2 2017-02-13
larnin Posts: 37 Registration: 2017-02-13
I have set the langage in my profile, but the site still sent me on the english forum.
I have just see we can switch between french and english site on the header.

I liked the effect too.
"A big kill grid ? Ok, i fill it with blocks ! ... oups no more block for the next room."

For the laser labyrinth it is too evident, you have just to be on the border and open the switch, you don't need to do or build anything else.
But it can be interesting if the lever is not reachable for the start platform, but you can "hack" it by just constructing a bridge around.
#3 2017-02-13
Modified by larnin on 2017-02-13.
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@Angetsu Published By Angetsu2017-02-13 14:54:58more than 2 observatories. The ones not in the story are actually randomly generated There is surely a mistake: I noticed that all observatories that are not in the story are all the same ! And their design is not like a random generated but rather Reymantha-Crounchann generated.
Those dungeons are those with a lever we can activate through laser, the first picture larnin posted in this topic.
#4 2017-02-13
Angetsu Posts: 20 Registration: 2016-09-15
My bad. It's not the case for those observatories. Although in the new version there is indeed three of them, since the one in Phileas' quest is a different one. :p
#5 2017-02-13
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Published By Angetsu2017-02-13 18:45:18there is indeed three of them Not 4 ? :-o Because there are 6 faces, 1 observatory by face. We retrieve the Phileas observatory and the first observatory, it still 4.PerhapsPerhaps you have new dungeons we haven't yet ? I saw somewhere a recent dungeon not finished today
#6 2017-02-13
Modified by cyberjasse on 2017-02-13.
Angetsu Posts: 20 Registration: 2016-09-15
I try not to count the myriad of stuff you're not having yet :p

Yes there's 4 "regular" observatories on Merx, but they use the same layout. Plus the two "unique" ones from the quests.
#7 2017-02-14
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