Delteis Posts: 11 Registration: 2015-09-12
(I made a similar topic about the characters gear, and weapons https://www.stellar-overload.com/forum/topic/2386/)

I really LOVE how free we are to build our own spaceship. (I can only imagine those who don't know how to build, would make the the DERPIEST ships).

SO... We have the Control block, seat, thrusts. I really love that right now. I think in the future we should have to modify our control block in order to allow support for more thrusters, guns etc.

In my topic about gear and weapons I mentioned accessory slots. Maybe we can actual inspect the control block and we'd get like an overview of what's in the ship. Maybe even something such as a fuel counter or how many thrusters and guns you can still add or even special stuff..

We can add things like radars to our ships / bikes so they'd show up on our map, and a higher level radar would then show up on our screen (Which can be toggled off if the players screen get's to cluttered.) Or lets say in space these radars would show other ships, and a higher level could detect if it's an enemy, ally, or neutral.

We could also have a fuel block that the player can place anywhere (inside or outside) that the player deposits fuel into (More thrusts and guns = more fuel usage)

GOING BACK TO THE CONTROL BLOCK, when we inspect it, there might even be accessory slots, where we can put little buffs that make the ship more fuel efficient or add shields, increase radar distance, or agility.
#1 2017-01-10
Romulus Posts: 147 Registration: 2014-06-02
About accessory slots to improve a block, I think it's simpler to have higher level blocks be more efficient, with maybe different specialized version of a block (an engine more powerful, or that consumes less, etc...)
#2 2017-01-13
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