Possible idea for armor, backpack, accessories and weapons

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Edit - > (I made a similar topic about the in game vehicles https://www.stellar-overload.com/forum/topic/2387/)

I have not kept up to date with a lot of information so I don't know everything that's going on. (Though I vaguely remember one of the VERY EARLY trailers saying we could modify a lot of things about our gear correct me if I'm wrong.)

I hope in the full release armor won't just be one item. But instead pieces of amour like the classic, head, chest, legs, feet, gloves (etc)

But that's too simple, lets make this complicated and interesting...
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SO we get our first set of armor. Very basic nothing special. However, later on in the game more complex armor should come with 1-3 accessories slots

(Kinda like the more advanced armor or built by a skilled craftsman should have more of said slots)

These slots would be occupied by VERY SMALL BUFFS. Lets say early game we kill a lot of spiders, and then we craft or obtain a buff that uses the spiders web's to increase the durability of our armor, or add thorn damage, bleeding, healing over time ETC

(Speaking of durability, it would just be an interesting aspect that we'd have to maintain our armor, not saying if it breaks it's gone, just maybe it's effectiveness drops)
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Let's also say our character has two special slots, and these are occupied by things such as our characters Light, and Jet pack.

(In the future they can be occupied by night vision, or overall special character buffs.)

Naturally these specials would have buff slots too. In order to SLIGHTLY increase the power of our jet pack we could buff it with an accessory slot. Then in the future we could build a BETTER jet pack. Again that new one can use the same type of buffs but because it's a different jet pack altogether it'd be significantly better.

Or instead of a jet pack we can include something that helps our player be silent for stealthy stuff. and then some night vision

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Finally let's say our character now has their backpack slot. Again with the usual buff slots that maybe can add max up too 5 slots extra, or increase the amount something can stack at.

Example -- Dirt max stack is originally 100 >> buff that so now it's 250

but then later on with more advanced materials we can craft a whole NEW BACKPACK, that increases our inventory size. However, this means more stuff the player might unconsciously risk losing if he/she dies...

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On to some weapon ideas now

So our character equips weapons... I was wondering if we could do this Crysis style and press a button to equip and modify them.

Example -- adding scopes, silencers, etc to a gun

I personally don't mind the current system for weapons... i just think it'd be a bit more interesting if theirs more detail to everything.

Also, I think guns should have durability too. Similar to what I said about the armor, it needs to be taken care of. Obviously they wouldn't break in seconds, nor would they deplete on breaking, but nonetheless just more interesting IMHO.

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Those are my gear ideas. Please comment if you like or dislike them, and what you want to see!
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cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
weapon and armor customization are not implemented, so perhaps...
But The last information I got in the french forum is that CodingMarmot want to allow us to customize weapon by in-game modding.

I think it means that we could build our weapons blocks by blocks.
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