Problems with the sidequest Observation Station

Scrythor Posts: 60 Registration: 2015-08-26
The sidequest to find the scientist's notes instructed me to go to one of Merx's observation stations. When I got there, I defeated a turret, and couldn't proceed because Tier 3 lasers blocked the path completely. I couldn't find any other way in. What am I missing? Thanks.
#1 2016-12-16
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@Scrythor I saw your message and I wait to have the time to go on place to see where you are blocked.
Can you give me more informations to find the place you are blocked ?
I remember that the only moment I was blocked by laser, there was an iron block rectangle in the wall. And so i can dig an hole in the wall and find a secret path to continue.
An other way is to block laser with blocks. Use some layers if you don't have tier3 blocks. Then pass quickly.
#2 2016-12-17
gpspeeder Posts: 1 Registration: 2017-04-20
to pass this gate of lasers put blocks in front of the lasers such as coal ore to block them. this will hold off the lasers for a few seconds.
#3 2017-04-20
Phayah Posts: 4 Registration: 2018-03-11
I'm having the same problem. There are no breakable blocks anywhere in the room. I lit the whole place up and checked from top to bottom.

Also, putting coal in front of the laser doesn't work either because it gets destroyed too fast. I tried multiple types of blocks including some sort of steel block that is breakable and located between each laser.

I ended up just going out to explore and went through another observatory and that one had a tunnel you could break through and follow. My quest tracker is not pointing there though and I did not find any quest items after fully exploring it.

Hoping someone has a solution! :)

Edit: I did watch a YouTube video where someone used a hookblade to grapple across however I have not found this item/recipe in game yet. If that is what is required then I'm stuck until I get it I guess. I'm considering skipping and continuing with the main quest.
#4 2018-03-11
Modified by Phayah on 2018-03-11.
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
I still don't know where you are stucked. Can you show us a screenshot ?
#5 2018-03-11
Phayah Posts: 4 Registration: 2018-03-11
It's the first location you visit after getting the quest. He tells you to go there before leaving the planet however you pretty much have to leave the planet before going there unless there is another way past the lasers that I am unaware of. Are the observation stations for the quest selected randomly?

I finally completed the quest after I got the recipe for the hookblade and I used it to grapple across and go through the ruin.
#6 2018-03-13
Phayah Posts: 4 Registration: 2018-03-11
Here is the location. I lit it up nice and bright so you can see there are no breakable blocks anywhere. There is also a screenshot of the location on the map.!AiYtHDlIDZpjrgVbSSoWgnpUj3DJ
#7 2018-03-13
Modified by Phayah on 2018-03-13.
Phayah Posts: 4 Registration: 2018-03-11
Oh, sorry. There was one row of breakable blocks on the right side but you can't fit through that! I added a screenshot of it to the folder.
#8 2018-03-13
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
You can pass through a 2-blocks width path. You have the place to build a 4-blocks width wall to block the lasers. So each laser will have to destroy 4 blocks before blocking your path. I think it will let you the time to pass.
#9 2018-03-13
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