Bugs on Steam EA2

Altalus Posts: 136 Registration: 2014-03-27
Feel free to report here any bug found on the second Steam early access version here!
#1 2016-12-14
HeadHunter Posts: 1 Registration: 2017-01-03

I found a bug/problem regarding the dropped backpack after dying:
It appears, the backpack is placed in the nearest free space. Which is usually fine but I was killed while submerged in water and the backpack was spawned on the other side of a wall in the corner of the adjacent (unexplored) room quite a bit away. I only found my gear much later.
I suggest to either:
- allow the backpack to spawn in water (if technically possible)
- allow the backpack to replace water, might be a problem with deadly liquids though...
- spawn the backpack in the nearest reachable free space (tree search along traversable blocks? Some pathfinding?)

#2 2017-01-05
superpete Posts: 6 Registration: 2016-12-22
Another Bug is Backpacks was already picked up and appears on map.
#3 2017-01-05
Modified by superpete on 2017-01-05.
Gcasas Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-06-16
I noticed a problem with using my laptop's touch pad, that I can't change the direction I'm facing while walking, unless I jump or crouch first. When playing with a mouse this problem disappears.

I know the game probably isn't meant to played via touch pad, I know ideally the game will be played with a mouse, but I wasn't home and didn't have one.
#4 2017-01-09
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