Only for Steam?

Celes Posts: 1 Registration: 2016-11-06
Hi guys,
Sometime ago I was planned to buy this game.
But infortunatly you use Steam now. I know that's more esay for you, but do you plan anything like Gog or physical copy?
And if I buy on Steam, on I'll be able to have this?

#1 2016-11-06
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@Celes, you can only buy on steam but then, you can play without using Steam. But without steam, you cannot play multiplayer.
#2 2016-11-06
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
For now we will indeed only use Steam.
#3 2016-11-08
Beamybeams Posts: 23 Registration: 2015-05-17
will this forum eventualy also move to steam discussions? its not good to split it up in 2 forums i think
#4 2016-11-19
Romulus Posts: 147 Registration: 2014-06-02
Published By Beamybeams2016-11-19 23:27:52will this forum eventualy also move to steam discussions? its not good to split it up in 2 forums i think
I think this forum look & feel and features is superior to Steam one...
#5 2016-11-21
cabanahome Posts: 1 Registration: 2016-11-23
Nice posting
#6 2016-11-23
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
The community ask us to not remove this official forum, so we will keep it.

We will handle both of them. But it's really up the community to make both forum alive !
#7 2016-12-11
MozMoz Posts: 5 Registration: 2014-09-01
The FAQ says "After preordering the game, a "Download" button will appear on the upper right-hand side of the website" but all I see is a "Get it on Steam" button. Then above you say it's also Windows-only.

Does this mean that if I don't install Windows and let Steam take control of my computer, I can't even look at the game? That's worse than useless. If you'd said in the kickstarter that you were going to require Steam I wouldn't have backed the project.

My experience with Steam has been atrocious - it won't run in a virtual machine, it won't run if it doesn't have complete control over the machine, and it's even worse than Windows 10 for reporting back to the new owners of my computer. I bought the box version of Civ5 only to discover that it was a Steam-only game. I never actually managed to make it run.

Just FWIW, a Steam-only forum would be useless to me as I'm not going to use Steam.
#8 2017-01-03
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@MozMoz Some points of the FAQ are surely not updated but we cannot download without using Steam. And without Steam we just can play solo.
But you surely don't need a virtual machine to play it because its available on Linux and MacOS.
#9 2017-01-03
MozMoz Posts: 5 Registration: 2014-09-01
@cyberjasse: I don't understand how "we cannot download without using Steam. And without Steam we just can play solo" go together.

I can't find the download instructions, so it seems likely to me that "must use Steam" is correct. Which means playing isn't possible. I'd *like* to install on Linux and play, but I have no idea where to even start.
#10 2017-01-04
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@MozMoz I am sorry if I doesn't use correctly the English. Its not my native language and I always thanks who corrects me.
And yes I mean you must use Steam to download SO. But once installed, you can play solo without using Steam.
to install on Linux, you must firstly install Steam on Linux. Then go to my account page and the key is on the right.
#11 2017-01-04
MozMoz Posts: 5 Registration: 2014-09-01
As I said, if I had known that this game required Steam I would not have backed it. I'll never be able to play it, so if it gets released I'll have to try to sell the Steam activation code or whatever they use.
#12 2017-02-04
Narkulus Posts: 6 Registration: 2015-12-14
Linux is for cash registers, bank machines, and servers, it's just not very user friendly for gaming and many of the available games have terrible support. If you really want to game, you need to dual boot into Windows 64bit 7/8/10 and enjoy some sweet Directx 12 gaming.
#13 2017-03-06
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Yes unfortunately all games are not Linux compatible. But generally, it increase peformance.
Linux is very used for informatics or scientific works. I have to use it everyday. And also Android and valveOS are based on Linux.
#14 2017-03-06
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