New to the game, help me here?

N1KE Posts: 41 Registration: 2014-07-22
So I found this amazing looking game, just today!, and I was wondering and had a few questions I hope some of you might help answer or atleast make clearer.

1. I read something about two games coming out? Planets :race to space and some other? did I read and understand that right and what will the difference be and why even two games then?

2. Is it just me, or does this seem to be very limited materials?

Rocks : Different kind of rocks. Requires a mace or pickaxe to harvest
Gravels : Sand, dirt, gravels. Requires a shovel to harvest
Woods : Wood or hard organic compounds. Requires a saw (or chainsaw), or an axe to harvest
Sticks: Sticks, ropes, lianas, cables. Requires scissors, shears or wire cutters to harvest

3. How big is the world? I mean, by the look of it, it does not seem to have that much to explorer really, sure it is somewhat of a big planet, but then again, very small compared to games like Minecraft, blockscape etc.? or am I once again mistaken? Also because I saw the video where they zoomed in and out and got to the corner of the planet (I really like the square planet though, awesome looking).

4. Why do I always find kickstarters like these, too late to support and pledge xD

Best Regards
#1 2014-07-22
Romulus Posts: 147 Registration: 2014-06-02
Sure, let me try:
1. 1st opus = solar system, 2nd opus = entire galaxy ;)
I think main reason for splitting is to limit the risk (its the 1st game of a new studio) and the amount of initial funding required: ideally 2nd opus can get funded by money made by selling the 1st opus...

2. I wouldn't worry about that:

3. Planets are finite, but the galaxy is infinite !

4. Welcome to the party, it's never too late :)
#2 2014-07-22
Modified by Romulus on 2014-07-22.
N1KE Posts: 41 Registration: 2014-07-22
1. Alright, and sure.. I guess it will work that way.

2. Right, did not see that.

3. Of course

4. Thank you, and I guess not.. except for the fact that I can get the extra stuff that is in pledges, but I am going to preorder the game for alpha+beta+full game access.

#3 2014-07-22
lionlover Posts: 12 Registration: 2015-10-16
accually N1KE you can go to like 5 planets so there is more to explore but
when the game comes out you can explore the universe!
#4 2015-11-05
Modified by lionlover on 2015-11-05.
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