Survival mode

darkhog Posts: 23 Registration: 2015-12-08
Currently we have both Creative and Story mode. I'd like to see survival mode, where you start with virtually nothing, except most basic tools and you need to fend for yourself to live. You'd start with T1 digging glove and a knife that would only allow low-range attacks. The crafting stations would be found randomly thorough the world, but far apart so ability to craft stations would be useful for once (let's be honest, every of us in story mode just used stations at Rokh Camp). Crafting stations would be either indestructible or dropping only raw materials, so you won't just be able to take station like you can do with e.g. containers.
#1 2015-12-16
NeoM Posts: 1190 Registration: 2014-04-04
We want to have a survival mode, but it will require more work comparing to the creative mode.
It's not "just disable the story", it needs a lot of balancing work and modification of gameplay to be able to evolve ...
#2 2015-12-18
darkhog Posts: 23 Registration: 2015-12-08
I see. However "just disable the story" is a valid first step, then balance it according to the feedback from the community.
#3 2015-12-20
Scurra Posts: 9 Registration: 2014-06-15
then balance it according to the feedback from the community.I'm certainly not opposed to this, but it's important to remember that the community is not necessarily wholly representative of the playerbase.
For instance, there's a thread on here that says that the alpha is too easy. That may be true for a certain group of players: personally, I am finding it marginally on the difficult side... and that's after upgrading most of my kit!

Now I'm not saying that the game should be pandering to my inability to play; but that players who are more invested and are likely to interact with the community here are also those who are going to be "better" at the game itself (if only through a lot of practise as much as anything else) so they may not be the ideal judges of difficulty.
I guess I'm arguing that "balancing through feedback" only works if the feedback is coming from the terrible players as much as the good ones. :)
#4 2016-01-14
I would like to see a survival mode as well. The hard part is that it should be something like the traditional survival with roaming enemies. The difficulty in programming is to create different degrees of difficulty. A single young player would want something far less difficult than a number of experienced players playing together on a server.

But having a persistent world that is actively trying to kill you is very fun, and was one of the best parts of those kinds of games.

In SO, perhaps, besides roaming animals and robots, there would be a daily attack at dawn by robots from the closest robot base. Destroying the base would end the attacks from that base, but it would result in an escalation to a larger base and stronger attacks soon. So one challenge could be surviving a number of escalations, possibly with a final permanent victory for that region, and maybe something grander for cleansing an entire planet.
#5 2017-11-25
Or another way to introduce difficulty is that other planets have higher difficulty that requires making all the equipment and armor available on the starting planet before you could survive very well on the next planet. So then the planets could have static difficulty, which would be easier to program.

Now that I see what is available in Creative Mode, I see that the algorithmic generation of villages, robot bases, and everything you see in Story Mode, on a randomly seeded and generated world, is the real work. But I think that should have come first before Story Mode, because that would give the game an active user-base and ongoing appeal to start with. IMO.
#6 2017-11-27
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