Assign to me do nothing

Sparco6 Posts: 1 Registration: 2015-01-26
Hi all, i have buyed 1 copy of this game and when i click on Assign to me, do nothing any help for me ? Thx for all
#1 2015-11-28
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
We will investiguate your issue as soon as possible, and I will contact you by private message now.
#2 2015-11-28
Skrewi Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-09-20
Hi, I have the same problem as described above.
Thx for any tips.
#3 2016-02-07
Kasimir Posts: 4 Registration: 2016-06-19
Hey there. Im also having trouble assigning the gift to my account. I tried Ubuntu16,Win7,Win10,Firefox47,IE, Android4 but none of them worked so there is not much left that I could try. AdBlock is disabled. I also just found 2 topics but there is no solution described. I guess the /mod/dev solved the issue.

Thanks in advance.
#4 2016-06-20
Modified by Kasimir on 2016-06-20.
Kasimir Posts: 4 Registration: 2016-06-19
Solution: I've send the game as a gift to my own adress which caused the error. Problem got solved by cubical drift team. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much.

PS, I caused the problem because I always send humblebundle keys to myself instead of registering them directly.
#5 2016-06-21
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