About Price the game.

Pablo_Picasso Posts: 2
In the store price of game is equal to 15 euro but after I fill in BILLING ADDRESS price of game is equal 20 dollars. Why? Maybe i do something wrong? Help me please?
#1 2015-06-25
Altalus Posts: 136 Registration: 2014-03-27
In fact, the game's price (and more specifically the payment currency) depends on the billing country.
That is why the currency has changed once you defined a billing address...as long as the billing country is not filled in, the store will give you an indicative price (15€ in your case) instead of the price based on your billing country.
#2 2015-06-25
Modified by Altalus on 2015-06-25.
Pablo_Picasso Posts: 2
But in my country euro is more payment then dollar and i want to buy the game more cheaper, therefore i should specify other BILLING ADDRESS that i can buy the game in the euro?
#3 2015-06-25
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
You can do that yes.
#4 2015-06-25
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