Future of the swords ?

For the weapons, we can imagine that from a high level of technology, te most powerfull weapons will be the guns... But I've always liked to fight with swords (it's not logical in a sience fiction world but why not ?) so, in a advanced technology, will there be some other powerfull swords, like light sabbers, wich could be really powerfull but needing loads of dexterity to survive in front of guns ? I'd'find it so cool... ^^
#1 2014-07-02
LemonLord Posts: 15 Registration: 2014-06-06
I am interested in light sabers, but definitely not any fully or sub automatic weaponry. If the developers wanted to include a gun i would suggest a slow reload energy burst gun that stuns the target as a bonus. As a downfall, you have low ammunition capacity and a slower reload than other long range weapon such as a bow.
#2 2014-07-02
Dr Malakov Posts: 641
I want a gunblade.
Like this :
#3 2014-07-02
Modified by Dr Malakov on 2014-10-13.
Nolram Posts: 4 Registration: 2014-06-02
I so would like to have light sabbers too and why not dual swords as well !
But what I'm concerned about is the animation when using swords and all, 'cause it would be a waste to just shake your sword at the monster to attack ! Instead we could maybe have idk some combos and stuff like that, though I'm fully aware that at the moment it may not be doable, in the long run that would be so great I think.
#4 2014-07-09
I was just thinking about that and I found that it could be stupid to prevent someone to do infighting... Everyone have his style of battle and I think that it would be better to let the players the wright to fight with a sword...

It's like the mmorpg, there's the tank who go infingting, the rogue who attack in the back, the priest who health his friend and the scout who fight from further... And we can put each style of everyone on this classes.

So, for me and definitely, swords will live because I'm sure I'm not alone to have a tank's spirit... ^^
#5 2014-07-23
Hyūga_Rikudou Posts: 6 Registration: 2014-06-02
i agree here on this subject because id love some Katanas, Samurai Swords, ninja swords and shurikens.
#6 2014-08-13
Hyūga_Rikudou Posts: 6 Registration: 2014-06-02
as well as Kimonos, ninja suits, samurai armor to fit. And other medieval like armors and weapons. Flails, Pikes, Glaves, 2 handed swords, id still love bow and arrows. those could range from long bows, short bows and compound bows.
#7 2014-08-13
Wowman77 Posts: 46 Registration: 2014-04-21 Popularity: 52
Going back to the topic of whether or not having guns, the Planets³ released a picture during the Kickstarter phase, and it's also on their website.
The only ones I see that would have the capability to train guns would be the two furthermost right ones. They've got a lot of armor on as you see... One pro for having a gun like that is obviously shooting at a far range with better accuracy. In order to balance that you could decrease the maximum walking/sprinting speed. Thus making that target easier to hit. Meanwhile, to combat that slowness, he has that thick armor, increasing health.
#8 2014-09-19
Ashman Posts: 4 Registration: 2014-06-02
I would have no problem with swords/spears/shields in this game, both in early game (Low tech) and late game (High tech). I think Wildstar handled the sci-fi "lore" of their melee weapons very well, with their fusion accelerated power swords. You could even look into Vibro-blades from Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic and of course the Power Weapons of Warhammer 40k, like Powerfists and Chainblades. And yes, even energy swords.

You could even work it out that due to power armor becoming better at deflecting energy and ballistic projectiles, a large blade of concentrated energy/plasma would be able to cut through the armor and have an easier time of getting to the meaty bits under the shell.
#9 2014-10-01
Toamac Posts: 1 Registration: 2015-03-14
hope we do get some kind of melee in the game especially if you ran out of ammo and have noting to defend your self with.
#10 2016-11-04
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Not only in case of running out of ammo. In dungeon, we are often in the case that you encounter a centurion near you and you cannot kill him without getting damage. And a melee weapon will be more efficient in that case.
#11 2016-11-04
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
Melee combat is planned, it will come in a future release.
We have some major features to implement to make melee work (for players and for ennemies), we already started it, so perhaps it will be finished for the first release in 2017...
#12 2016-11-08
Wolverine22 Posts: 1 Registration: 2016-07-12
With the melee weapons being added will there be just swords or more items like scythes and non lethal weapons
#13 2017-02-06
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@Wolverine22 Or chainsaw, sledgehammer and light saber !
#14 2017-02-06
patricktobler Posts: 4 Registration: 2017-03-01
Nice Post.
#15 2017-03-03
whitenoise Posts: 16 Registration: 2017-07-14
yeah I would like to see that to but I also would like to see you be able to make your own weapons whether its a basic iron sword or a light saber. Maybe they could be a mod maker like in skyrim for example.
#16 2017-07-15
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@whitenoise . Yes I think a mod maker is planned
#17 2017-07-15
whitenoise Posts: 16 Registration: 2017-07-14
@cyberjasse o ok cool then
#18 2017-07-15
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