The Treehouse - Rules

Building constraints:

  • The house has to be in the trees (you can decide how high in the trees)
  • It can be placed on one or more trees
  • You can freely remove tree branches that you don’t need
  • You must use the tree you see in the save file, and only those trees
  • An ecologic and futuristic construction: it’s an additional constraint to choose the materials and shapes you use in your construction
  • In creative mode with a flat world. We prepared a saved universe in which we placed a few trees and other elements to give you a bit of context. We also gave you the trees’ blueprints if you want to place them someplace else or in another way.
    You need to download this saved universe here:
    And then unzip it in your save games folder here:

Contest rules:

  • One unique image per construction
  • One player can submit multiple constructions.
  • Press F6 before taking your screenshot (press F12 to take the screenshot on Steam). Hide your HUD by pressing F6 before taking your screenshot, we won’t accept any screenshot with the HUD or any part of the user interface visible.
  • Do not edit the picture, we will only accept pictures directly created by the game (no name or logo incrustation for example)
  • The contest is anonymous until the end of the votes, therefore it is forbidden to write your name on your constructions (for example by using the letter blocks in game)
  • Each user registered on our website can submit his construction in the gallery. To avoid cheating, in order to vote you need:
    • To have “validated” your account on this website (in the “my account” page, click the “validate your email address” in the orange frame)
    • To have posted at least one message on the forum
  • We reserve the right to refuse any construction that we consider “outside the bounds of the contest” (you will receive an email if it happens)
  • Dates :
    • Constructions submission phase: from November the 2nd to November the 16th 2016, at 12pm, Paris time
    • Vote phase: from November the 16th to November the 23rd 2016 (still at 12pm Paris time)
    • Results: on November the 23rd 2016 at 12pm, Paris time
  • The 5 houses which gathered the most votes will be integrated in the game, most likely in the EA2 version.

Changes since the last contest:

  • You won’t be able to submit constructions once the vote phase has begun
  • You can’t submit video anymore, only pictures
  • The contest is anonymous, you will discover the builders’ name at the same time as the results

A few advice to better your odds:

  • For more building ease in creative mode:
    • F2 enables you to fly
    • “Undo-Redo” can be done using the “home” and “end” keys
    • The recorder enables you to “copy-paste”
    • The swapper enables you to change a large amount of material in one shot (only on connected blocks)
    • The swapper can also be used as eraser if it is used without ammo in the selected ammo slot (use X to change ammo)
    • The N key enables you to change the way walls of non-cubic blocks are filled
    • The V key enables you to toggle the alignment of the blueprints (grid snapping)
    • And many more useful shortcuts that you can find in the game’s options (in the construction and advanced construction parts)
  • It is really important that your picture is correctly centered, do not hesitate to take different screenshots before sending us the best image.
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