Escape Room - Rules


Your creations must be in creative mode with a flat world.

Build a room from which the player will have to escape! This room has a way in and a way out.

Enigmas, logical systems, labyrinths, fights and obstacles are some mechanism which will block the player to find the way out, or making it alive.

The players of you escape room will start the enigma in the inside of the room in the blue area. They won’t be allowed to destroy anything, they will have to solves the enigmas to find their way out!

The procedure to follow:

  1. Based on the empty room posted on the Steam workshop, build your own escape room. Fill your room in à creative universe; You can find the empty room here
  2. You’ll have to set the player’s start point by tapping the “/setspawn” command right in the blue area.
    Escape Room
  3. Your enigmas have to start avec the door at the end of the corridor.
  4. Build at least one electrical riddle
  5. Test your escape room in a custom universe* (generated from your save in creative mode, in the saves loading window). Make sure you actually have a way out of the room!
    Escape Room
  6. Share the custom save of your escape room on the Steam Workshop.
    Escape Room
  7. Register your escape room on our website here


  • If you let some equipment to the player or give the player access to an item, put the item in a safe.
  • If you want to redo the map, you’ll have to charge it again through the Steam workshop.
  • Note: If you test your universe and you’ve already resolved your enigmas, do not share this universe because otherwise it will be shared already finished. Only share à custom universe that have not been played at all.



  • Up to five images per construction
  • For this challenge, you can team up to 3 players to submit.
  • Each participant can submit several constructions.
  • Press F6 before taking your screenshot (in order to Hide your HUD) then press F12 to take the screenshot on Steam. We won’t accept any screenshot with the HUD or any part of the user interface visible.
  • Do not edit the picture, we will only accept pictures directly created by the game (no name or logo incrustation for example)


In order to be able to participate and vote:

  • To have “validated” your account on this website (in the “my account” page, click the “validate your email address” in the orange frame)
  • To have posted at least one message on the forum

We reserve the right to refuse any construction that we consider “outside the bounds of the contest” (you will receive an email if that happens)


Each participant will have to put his/her creation(s) on the Steam Workshop and link it for her/his participation to be validated.


Constructions submission phase: from May 10th to May 31st 2017, at 12pm, Paris time
Voting phase: from May 31st to June 7th 2017 (still at 12pm Paris time)
Results: on June 6th 2017 at 12pm, Paris time

The winning team elected by the community will be rewarded as well as the winning team elected with the developers’ prize. Both constructions will be integrated in the game!


You cannot submit any construction once the voting phase has started.


To make building easier in creative mode:

  • F2 enables you to fly
  • “Undo-Redo” can be done using the “home” and “end” keys
  • The recorder enables you to “copy-paste”
  • The swapper enables you to change a large amount of material in one shot (only on connected blocks)
  • The swapper can also be used as an eraser if it is used without ammo in the selected ammo slot (use X to change ammo)
  • The N key enables you to change the way walls of non-cubic blocks are filled
  • The V key enables you to toggle the alignment of the blueprints (grid snapping)
  • And many more useful shortcuts that you can find in the game’s options (in the construction and advanced construction parts)
  • It is really important that your picture is correctly centered, do not hesitate to take different screenshots before sending us the best image.


* How to save your creations in Steam workshop?

  1. Build your room in a creative universe.
  2. Come back to the charging window
  3. Click on the "Export as a custom universe"
  4. Choose a name and validate.
  5. A new universe is now created in the list and it is the one you’ll have to share on Steam.
  6. Note: If you test your universe and you’ve already resolved your riddles, do not share this universe because otherwise it will be shared already finished. Only share a custom universe that have not been played at all.
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