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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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It's all about logic!

2017-02-07 Development
French philosopher Descartes said "I think therefore I am". What is important in this sentence is the word "therefore". The assertion, the logical "therefore": one thing implies another.

"I activate a lever therefore...". It's now up to you to finish this sentence and create your own logic.

A brand new menu!

2017-02-03 Development
To make navigation easier between all the UI windows, a new menu will be featured in the next version of the game.

Isn't it wonderful?

Cubical Challenge #3 is over!

2017-02-01 General
The Cubical Challenge #3 is over!
Thanks to Reymantha, Bushi, Vaalac, Crounchann, Blockbuster and Squick!

What do you think of their constructions?


See it again on our Twitch channel and on our Youtube channel!

It's getting harder, but the Eiffel Tower is now done!
Prepare other ideas for the next challenge!

A minor change in the game

2017-01-30 Development
Sorry, news about the game have been rare in the last few weeks...

Worth waiting...? :)

Starting in the next version, when you'll detach a small group of blocks from a planet or a vehicle, it will be subject to physical forces, and will fall on the ground.

If one of those groups of blocks is not modified for a while, and if it is not made into a vehicle by attaching a gyrograv block or an aeroblock to it, it will eventually be destroyed.

Cubical Challenge #3!

2017-01-27 General
Let’s go for the Cubical Challenge #3 on Wednesday 1st February at 7pm Paris Time (1pm in Florida and 10am in California)!

Challenge us with some new construction ideas!
Each team member will have two hours to take up your challenges!

Note: Cubical Challenges are now going to happen every first Wednesday of the month!


Bring up some ideas! :)

New building contest: Stellargates

2017-01-25 General
A new building contest starts today! The theme is: stellargates.
There are different kind of Stellargates in science fiction universes, feel free to use any shapes and any material: let your imagination run free!

From left to right: Jim Martin, Yann Holmes, Baitak.
*The pictures here are only examples.

You are almost totally free for this contest, your creations have to fit in the blueprint you'll share on the Steam's workshop. The contest’s rules and some building advices can be found here.


- This contest is directly linked with the Steam Workshop (it is not anonymous anymore)!
- You can only be on the podium once (you cannot be on the first three places with three different constructions)
- You can do your screenshots in flat mode or in nature mode, as you want

Take a lot of screenshots and choose the best pictures, you can submit up to 5 pictures!

The first prize winner will win a figurine of the hero in the orange armor.

3D spaceships from the construction challenge!

2017-01-23 General
We received the 3D spaceships from the construction challenge!

What do you think? We love them and we couldn't wait any longer to share them with you!


Thanks again to all the participants!

Be ready for the announcement of the next construction challenge tomorrow!
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