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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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2017-02-24 General
Let’s go for the Cubical Challenge #4 on Wednesday 1st March at 7pm Paris Time (1pm in Florida and 10am in California)!

And this time, come to a Q&A session with NeoM!

Challenge us with some new construction ideas!
Each team member will have two hours to take up your challenges.

Remember: Cubical Challenges are now going to happen every first Wednesday of the month!


Here are our winners!

2017-02-22 General
The Stellargate construction contest is over and we have our winners!


Congratulations to Edocon, Alexc103 and Georgia!

International Cannes Game Festival, here we are!

2017-02-21 General
For English-speakers on vacation on the French Riviera, we will be attending the international Cannes Game Festival from 24th to 26th February 2017!

The entrance is free and we can't wait to meet you IRL!

Three community members will be on our booth with us, so exciting!


I/0 npc concept

2017-02-16 Artistic

Half robot and half human, who is this mysterious "Girlbot"? Stay tunned!...

You can now vote for your favorite Stellargates!

2017-02-15 General
The construction phase is over and now is the time to vote for your favorite Stellargates!

You can vote here:

We can't wait to know the winners!

Looks like big bones are back in style...!

2017-02-14 Artistic
So! As you probably noticed, my last two Cubical Challenge entries featured bones, and it looks like it inspired the team somehow!

I was thus asked to make even more of these giant carcasses. You should probably find them all in the next update...!


Also, how about a little biology class? It's nice to see that we're all the same on the inside...!


A happy event!

2017-02-09 Development
Clones and Citizens,

We know how much you love these brave creatures which pay their devotion for your safety with their lives: The Arkuloids.

No, don't let sorrow overwhelm your mind, it is not the time to mourn, it is the time to be delighted!

Yes be delighted with us! And witness the birth of new Arkuloids*!
Stronger, smarter, faster, and most of all, even more devoted to your cause!

We have the honor to introduce:

The Explosive Arkuloids

These noble servants are ready to sacrifice their lives for you at any moment, literally at any moment!

The Rocket Arkuloids

Real trailblazers, these ones won't let you down!

The Glitched Arkuloids

Even if they can look unstable, be sure that you can count on this explosive's variant to restore balance!

We're not only celebrating the birth of new Arkuloids today, but a new victory in the fight against the constant terror which these so-called "Rebels" seek to propagate!

But let's not let these dark thoughts ruin our day, please be glad, citizens! Be delighted!

This was a message from the minister of Order and Peace.

*The visuals and names you can see on the videos are placeholders, and will change upon release.
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