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Stellar Overload
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Discover the playground... Sol System Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Istara, coming soon, really soon...

2016-12-09 Artistic
Thank you all for your comments on the first Istara previews.
We could not resist to show you more.

Istara has three types of landscapes: the White forest, the Sequoia forest and the Swamps. To find out more, see you on December, 14th ;)

I take this opportunity to congratulate the three artists who worked hard on this planet.

Thanks Crounchann, Squick and Bushi. (do you know them?)

Your mission if you accept it…

2016-12-07 Development
For all the white knights out there lacking a princess to save, here is a simple way (and which won’t self-destruct after 5 seconds) to see all the quests that you have accepted:


Istara, coming soon

2016-12-03 Artistic
I am so glad to show you the first Istara previews.


Death is only the beginning

2016-11-30 Development
An eastern wisdom claims that when a man dies, he just starts a new life.
But what happens when a clone dies?

From now on, a bag containing your old stuff will appear at your position when you'll die. You will have to pick it up to get your stuff back. :)

The community has chosen its favorite constructions

2016-11-23 General
We have our winners!


The complete contest result here :

Congratulations to Georgia and Cross, builders of the first five constructions !

You can now vote for your favorite houses

2016-11-16 General
The building phase is finished, you can now vote for your favorite constructions!

Here It is:

In one week we will have our winners!

New building contest: a Treehouse

2016-11-02 General
A new building contest starts today! And it's theme is:

Treehouse: an ecologic and futuristic building.


The shape of the house in the picture is only an example..

The contest’s rules and some building advice can be found here

One of the challenges of this contest will be to display the full potential of your construction in only one image. Take a lot of screenshots and choose the best!

The 5 houses elected by the community will be integrated to the game, most likely in the EA2.
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