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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Plasma gun improvements

2015-11-05 Development
The plasma gun is quite frustrating actually. It is fast, accurate and powerful. However, you have to be quite a masochist to destroy an arkuloids’ nest with this weapon.

Thus, improvements have been made which give much better results in fight:

And here are the new capabilities of the plasma gun:

    1) Primary fire
    a. Fire a single plasma bullet
    b. Primary action button (left click by default)
    c. Ammo x1
    d. Do not break blocks
    2) Secondary Fire
    a. The plasma bullet sticks to the ground and explodes after 3 seconds
    b. Secondary action button (right click by default)
    3) Overcharged fire
    a. Fire a plasma bullet with a heavy payload
    b. Hold primary or secondary action button
    c. 1.4 seconds loading
    d. Ammo x3
    e. Damage x3
    f. Break blocks depending on the quality of the weapon (eg. T2 blocks are broken if the weapon is at least T2

And last detail, the damages are dealt within an area of 1 meter.

Available in the next release.

Huh? Yay! Splash! Gargle! Argh!

2015-11-02 Development
"What? I'm playing a spy in the future, I have to save the world, and I can't even swim?"

No need to send booby-trapped gifts because, yes, swimming is finally here.

At the time being, it lacks some splashes but you can actually jump in water without taking falling damage, swim and drown.

Judge by yourself in the next version.

Export and basic copy-paste

2015-10-27 Development

We all agree that it has been really frustrating for builders not to be able to keep constructions from a previous version in the latest release.
That’s why I worked on a basic and temporary solution to enable you to export constructions from one version of the game to another.

It’s only a first iteration, and it’s not really user friendly yet, but it has the advantage of also enabling you to copy and paste constructions!
The basic idea is that in creative mode, you have “blueprints” which enable you to copy a volume of the world. This blueprint can then be used to paste the copied model wherever you want. You also have the possibility to make rotations and symmetries when placing the model in the world!
The copied model is instantly saved on disk. You just need to copy the created file(s) in the “Blueprints” subfolder (you need to create it if it doesn’t exist) of another universe’s save folder to export them. The target universe must have been created with the same or a higher version of the game.

Here is an example where I build a table, copy and paste really basic chairs, and finally make a symmetry of the table and chairs. You can activate subtitles to see comments.

Key bindings used in the video:
  • R, T or Y: rotates the blocks or models. For example, the R key rotates the block or model around the gravity axis.
  • ALT + R, T or Y: makes a symmetry using a plan which is perpendicular to the rotation axis of the R, T and Y keys. For example, ALT + R switches the top and bottom of your model.
  • ALT + mouse wheel: selects the shape of the block or, for an empty blueprint, defines the distance of the ghost block used to define the volume to copy.

More information on the following post: Details on copy-paste and export


Wonder B

Alpha Craft Soundtrack

2015-10-21 Artistic
As you may have noticed, a few new music tracks have been added in the last release of the game.
You can listen to them here !

Jetpack available now!

2015-10-19 General
As a would-be spelunker, I always like to go into the underworld to explore the caves. I search for a hole in the ground and I follow the tunnels toward the core of the planet. Of course, I hope to find a precious gem or a rare mineral lode. A real pleasure, almost, unless you are a masochist.

Every time, I die like an idiot because of a risky jump, because I slip on a stone or because I fall into a hidden hole. And then, it's a real pain to go back all the way from the respawn point to your last location.

Fortunately, it won't happen again if you own the brand new jetpack device. Yes, you read well, a jetpack, folks! You will no longer fall in caves and crash your skull head first on a sharp rock. The use is child's play: once you are in the air (jumping or falling), simply hit and held the jump button to trigger the jetpack til you want to land.

Beware though of your fuel gauge! Even if the gauge fills itself when the jetpack is not used, the fuel tank has a short capacity. And you will have to manage it well if you don't want to run out of gas at 50 feets high. Now, time to go back in the sky. Woosh!

Alpha 2: The Rokh Camp

2015-10-14 General

The real name of the game

Today we release the second version of the Alpha.

But before that, I would like to announce that the Planets³ project is now called “Stellar Overload”.

Planets³ was the name of our project. One year ago we needed to seriously think about the possibility to continue to use this name. Sadly it was not possible. There were different reasons for that:

  • When you hear Planets³ you don’t think of a RPG, but more of a survival game or a building game. I wanted the name to put the RPG aspect of the game forward, by being directly linked to the story.
  • The pun with the “³” character was not a good idea. A lot of country in the world do not understand it. And this is not web compatible.
  • Also we needed to change the name for legal reasons (trademark deposit)

I know that, without the scenario, it is difficult today to fully appreciate this new name. But I hope that during the development phase (even if we do not spoil the story before the final version) you will be able to like it as much as we do.

The new alpha version

During the last 3 months we focused on introducing the craft system in the game (and everything required to make it work). On the menu:

  • Exploration through 6 different biomes to “harvest” 140 natural resources and find up to 72 recipes
  • Dozens of materials, weapons, tools to craft using the new crafting stations
  • A new enemy : the Arluloids, we introduced in a news some days ago

We temporary disabled the multiplayer mode (at the moment, it is not working), we will release a patch as soon as possible to correct this issue.

There are a lot of new elements to discover in this version, but I will not say anything more. I will let you discover this new version by yourself!

Do not hesitate to give us any feedback or your feelings about this new version, we will open new topics on the alpha forum to talk about that.

About crafting recipes

2015-10-13 General
Like all gourmand people, I have learned to cook watching my mom during my childhood. At the same time, I have also learned to build video games with my dad. Now you may say "What is he talking about"?

My point is that cooking and IT development are not so far apart as it seems. A product is made with adequate tools and ingredients by following a procedure consisting of instructions. In short, we just have to follow a recipe to make a thing.

Remember Grandma when she prepares her so delicious strawberry jam. She puts the fresh fruits in an old copper bowl, then adds sugar, a few tablespoons of lemon juice, stir a bit while heating and tadaaaa! The strawberry jam is ready. As you can see, the key to make things is the recipe.


All this to simply say that we spent a lot of time and love establishing the mechanics of crafting in Planets³. And I hope it will provide you as much fun as we have had to do it.

Now back to the code. I put pieces of code in the compiler, add some comments, a bit of refactoring while my computer is heating and tadaaaa! The next release of Planets³ will be soon ready to be played.
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