Stellar Overload
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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Adventure, construction, Multiplayer More Information A music that serves the story Listen

Juno (Watts' logbook - Entry 234)

2016-01-25 General

"My mission for the human rebels against the Imperium Machina made a giant leap on..." Click for more...

Aetherion (Watts' logbook - Entry 192)

2016-01-21 General

"Nepton being a dead end, I pushed towards Aetherion. I made a deal with the..." Click for more...

Nepton (Watts' logbook - Entry 165)

2016-01-18 General

"Apart from an archeologist who pretends to have discovered clues of a hidden..." Click for more...

Event in Cannes

2016-01-16 General
We will be at the "festival des jeux" (French event about games in general in Cannes) during the last weekend of February. As this event takes place in Cannes (where we are located) we couldn't miss it!


For those who are near Cannes at that time, do not hesitate to come and say hello!

Novo Ares (Watts' logbook - Entry 141)

2016-01-14 General

"After what seems an eternity, I finally survived the selenii onslaught. I lost some..." Click for more...

Selene (Watts' logbook - Entry 093)

2016-01-11 General

"As our goals are very similar, I finally accepted the offer of the human rebels’ leader. Months have passed since..." Click for more...

Istara (Watts' logbook - Entry 062)

2016-01-07 General

“Next stop: Istara. This forest planet is truly amazing. On one hand, sunny skies, lush emerald forests with [...]" Click for more...
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