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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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The cloning tank

2016-04-07 Artistic

Splat splat splat !

2016-04-04 Development
If like me you love pink, and think that the game is not pink enough, the new “paint bucket” feature is made for you.
It’s still in development, but it will enable you to replace an area of block of the same material with another material.

Look how to make the world more attractive!

Ok or maybe not... It’s the thought that counts!

Of course this tool has a limited area of effect (you can’t paint the whole planet in one shot!), it is yet to be optimized, and will be a real tool (for now it is a simple keyboard shortcut).

Back to the future

2016-04-01 Development
"Oh nooooo I have put a huge blueprint at the wrong place once again! It will take me 2 hours to dismantle it all!" that was before!
But soon, thanks to the "Undo" and "Redo" features your life is about to change.

Can be found in any creative supermarket only. Condition in participating stores.

Demolition Man

2016-03-29 Development, General
If you are the kind of guy who loves to spice up your tequila with a drop of nitroglycerin, the following video is made for you. Your next best friend will be the grenade launcher. And you can believe that!

Currently, the plasma grenade (the green one) has a higher radius and do less damage than the thermal grenade (the red one). Other types of grenades are planned. And eventually, each technology will deal a particular damage type.

Ready to blow up some bad guys?

(As always, this work is in progress and is not final.)

A new artist joins the team

2016-03-24 General
Today we double the size of the artistic team!
Finally, yes, Reymantha is no more the unique artist in a team composed mainly of engineers. He will be able to talk about art with someone who has the same sensibility and who will completely understand his language :)

Let me introduce « Crounchann », real name Sylvain Trabut, who joins the team to assist Reymantha on the artistic side of our beautiful project.


Sylvain will bring his artistic and technical expertise to the team. Indeed, since 5 years, he showed all his creative talent working as creative and artistic lead at Ankama on the games Fly'n and Island of Wakfu.
He will also be in charge of more technical parts, like the integration of our 3D assets.

I am really glad that he chose to join our team!
More details about him here

The Tesla pylon

2016-03-23 Artistic

Aligned... aligned... ALIGNED!

2016-03-16 Development
I have had just about enough of these constructions that are not aligned. This needs to end! I’m sick of these shifts of one or two blocks, of these errors that accumulate. It is time to say no to "unalignment"! That’s why there will be a new construction feature in the game: the “V” key, which is supposed to surpass the “N” key. You will be able to use the “V” key of your suit in order to activate a magnetism on a virtual grid. The cells of this grid will be of the same size than the element you are placing.
For example, if you want to place containers with a size of 3x3x3, this will enable you to place them so that they are all aligned with each other:

That’s how it’s done! No more one block shift between stuff, everything right at its place, well aligned!

This feature also works with the tools, so you can activate / deactivate this grid magnetism with the digging gauntlets for example (you won’t need to switch tool to have this feature anymore, all the tools will have it naturally).
But where it really comes in handy is with the blueprints. If you create a set of blueprints of the same size, for example 16x16x16, you can now place them well aligned easily, like I did on the following video with a road construction set:

All with me for a more aligned world!

PS: this is not a political slogan, although...
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