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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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No more memory lapse!

2017-06-02 Development
This is the third part of this presentation about the new logic system.

For now, I will introduce a single block. But I already know that this simple block will give headaches to the more adventurous of you. So, watch carefully the video below:

As in the previous presentation, please look carefully at the bottom right tooltip, which allows us to know the value carried by a cable.

Here is a simple example: the memory allows keeping the door open after we walked in front of the sensor. But just imagine the possibilities allowed by that such a block!

In the next and final part of this presentation, we will make together a step more toward automation of complex systems.

256 Values!

2017-06-01 Development
Welcome to the second presentation about the new logic system. Here we will see that the cables do not simply carry a binary value, meaning 0 or 1. In fact, the logical cables carry values between 0 and 255. The video below shows some applications of this property:

When you change the value of a potentiometer or activate an infrared detector, it changes the value transmitted by the cables. Look carefully at the values displayed in the bottom right tooltip, which allows us to know the value carried by a cable.

At the end of the video, we see all the logic gates that allow to manipulate these values. They are divided into two categories.

Logic gates of the first category are put on the top line in the video. They return either 0 or 255, but not an intermediate value.

Logic gates of the second category are put on the bottom line. They return a number between 0 and 255.

It begins to become interesting, isn’t it? Wait to see the next episode!

Controllers and Controlled

2017-05-31 Development
Here is the first part of a series of 4 small presentations about the new version of the logic system in Stellar Overload.

This first part is very short. I will just introduce the basic mechanics of the system:

Here we can see that we have different types of controllers (buttons in this case) and different types of controlled devices (a door and a laser here). We also see that the controlled devices need energy otherwise they do not work.

That's all for today. Next time we will start serious things.

Favorite of the week #9

2017-05-30 General
Long hesitation, there are so many fabulous constructions on the workshop!
So I decided to choose one that is related to a TV show that I really appreciated: Stargate SG1.

I am happy to share this really nice Stargate, made by Vermine35fr:

If you want to test it, it's here.

Cancellation of the Escape Room construction contest

2017-05-24 General
Hello everyone!

After asking your opinion about the Escape Room construction contest (you can find the topic here), we finally chose to cancel it.

Indeed, since the beginning of the Escape Room contest, you've encountered several problems with the game, including crashes.

Do not worry, the same contest will, of course, come back when all the main problems are resolved.

We are very sorry about this situation, we will do our best so you can come back and play as soon as possible!

Favorite of the week #8!

2017-05-23 Artistic
Congratulations to zeknef for this beautiful steam train!


This is the best way to speed through Novo Ares' plains without risking a wildlife attack!

Immediat boarding here!

Favorite of the week #7!

2017-05-16 Artistic
Congratulations PoulpinoT for having delivered this "research center".


What caught my attention is the strong choice of colors and architecture. Church of the future outside, research center inside ... the mix pleases me enough.

To visit the place, click here.
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