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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Aligned... aligned... ALIGNED!

2016-03-16 Development
I have had just about enough of these constructions that are not aligned. This needs to end! I’m sick of these shifts of one or two blocks, of these errors that accumulate. It is time to say no to "unalignment"! That’s why there will be a new construction feature in the game: the “V” key, which is supposed to surpass the “N” key. You will be able to use the “V” key of your suit in order to activate a magnetism on a virtual grid. The cells of this grid will be of the same size than the element you are placing.
For example, if you want to place containers with a size of 3x3x3, this will enable you to place them so that they are all aligned with each other:

That’s how it’s done! No more one block shift between stuff, everything right at its place, well aligned!

This feature also works with the tools, so you can activate / deactivate this grid magnetism with the digging gauntlets for example (you won’t need to switch tool to have this feature anymore, all the tools will have it naturally).
But where it really comes in handy is with the blueprints. If you create a set of blueprints of the same size, for example 16x16x16, you can now place them well aligned easily, like I did on the following video with a road construction set:

All with me for a more aligned world!

PS: this is not a political slogan, although...

The Nexus teleporter

2016-03-09 Artistic


2016-03-02 Development
There have been some gameplay videos of Stellar Overload posted on Youtube, lately. It allowed us to appreciate how committed almost every player was about exterminating wild peacocks.

We heard this important request of yours. Soon, this wonderful tool will be at your disposal on most of the planets, and will get this great quest done for you¹, while you'll stay absolutely safe²!

¹ - In game only. If you'd like to hurt peacocks in real life, I strongly advise you to get medical assistance.
² - Safety is guaranteed in creative mode. In story mode, some unconfirmed reports let us believe there might be a slight confusion between players and peacocks, as far as turrets are concerned...


The great Vaalac

2016-02-24 General, Development
He comes from a land, faraway, where men fight with their bare hands to defend their clans. Risking his life, he retrieved the "code" and this allowed him to rise before his peers. Today he decided to join our ranks, to fight the yoke of the machines. The recovered "code" will surely be useful, and the man that found it even more.
Did we make the right choice? We will have our answer soon, when steam comes out of our weapons!

Yeah, I know, I could have simply said that the development team has grown :)

CodingMarmot NeoM Mick BlockBuster Vaalac Altalus Guyk WonderB Reymantha

Please welcome Vaalac (real name Valentin), who joined us seven days ago and who will help us for the technical and gameplay part of the game.

More on him here:

Event at Cannes

2016-02-22 General
A reminder about the game event at Cannes this week end.

We will be at stand 0301, named "CreaCannes" (the name of our incubator).

The dungeons editor's power!

2016-02-18 Development
After Blockbuster showed me the power of the ‘N’ key on the womankind, I finally decided to join the development team in order to be able to benefit, as well, from this unlimited source of power.
But even with Master Blockbuster’s teachings, I still had to find my own path, my own source of power.

And, after weeks of struggling…Eureka! I finally got hold of something strong enough to counter Mick’s Cookies power: THE DUNGEONS EDITOR!

In order to make you shiver behind your screens, here is a picture of my secret weapon:


Beware, I will shortly, in another news, demonstrate my full power!!!

The Cookie Wars

2016-02-16 Development
Statement by the propaganda chief of the Imperium Machina:
"Many human rebel agents failed in their attempt to sabotage the cookies manufacturing plant, which feeds the population of Merx. Fortunately, the brave legionaries of our glorious army reacted with courage and determination to restore the Pax Machina established by QuASAR, our benevolent and revered leader. However, following this small and inconsequential incident, we decided to close this old and dangerous factory in order to bring a better way to provide food to all the people of our Empire."

Statement by the leader of the rebels:
"This is Emerald Falcon speaking. Today, a handful of heroes conducted an operation on Merx to free the cookies manufacturing plant from the grip of the toasters. We will remember those who didn't return. But the operation is successful. And the inhabitants of this planet will no longer starve. We, the people, are retaking control of what is ours by right. To all, free yourself, fight the machines, join the resistance! "

Statement by the developper:
“So, I was working on the mob A.I. while nibbling a cookie, and that's how they ended up fighting each other. That's science!”
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